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Hot Hair Accessories for Spring!

Posted 2:28 PM by

The first day of Spring has come and gone and although sometimes Indiana can be quite temperamental....we're getting prepped for sunny weather!

There are lots of hair accessory trends from last year which are making a comeback this year, such as the headband placement that's nods its head to hippies of the past.  Wearing the headband over the top of the hair instead of underneath is hot again for this year. 


What's different about this year's trend, though, is that we're seeing this look turned up a notch on the runway by using wider accessories, such as scarves to get a more impactful look.


Speaking of scarves, one of the trends that I'm super excited about---Square Scarves!  This trend is coming back big!  I'm not talking Bandanas, here ladies.  I'm talking beautiful, luxuriously silky scarves in interesting pattern that catch your eye.  Not only are they a great fashion statement, but they're also practical in that they act as a hair protectant to keep your haircolor from fading in the harsh UV rays.

Also, for sun protection--grab a hat!  Not just any hat though....you'll of course be grabbing one of the trendiest hats of 2011!  Duh!  That's right, it's the Straw Fedora!  And this trend is so cool that it's not just for the ladies--men are rocking this look too!  No matter what shape or color... this look is cool!  Just make sure the had fits your head, it should be able to rest easily above your temples without much tugging.


You can find these trends via some of the wonderful retailers that I've cited for these photos, or you can find some cool vintage pieces at your local thrifting hot spot for less cash.  Either way--consider yourself In-The-Know for Spring 2011!  Let us know your other favorite looks for Spring by commenting below!





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Bridal Hairstyling Trends for 2011

Posted 5:05 PM by


It's that time of year---Spring is finally springing and summer is nearing---and March officially kicks off what I endearingly refer to as "Wedding Season".  It's a great time of year to have a wedding, the sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, and love is in the air (or at least we hope so).  It seems like a nice time to revisit some of the most popular updo and formal styling trends this year. I'll be showcasing some of the most trendy and up-to-date style options.  Whether you're the bride, or simply an wedding guest, you're bound to have all eyes on you.

Print these photos to bring into GENEVA on your next visit, or feel free to use the STYLIST KEYWORDS (provided below) to help describe your desired style to your GENEVA stylist.




Feminine & Soft

STYLIST KEYWORDS:  romantic, soft, loosely pinned curls, textured throughout, full of volume, tousled

STYLE STARS: Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria



Classic & Retro

 STYLIST KEYWORDS:  old hollywood, retro, classic, "S" curls, sleek, high shine

 STYLE STARS: January Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Heigl

Boho Chic

STYLIST KEYWORDS:  bohemian, messy, casual, fashionable, braided (optional), textural, hippie

STYLE STARS:  Nichole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen, Lauren Conrad, Kristen Bell


 There you have it!  2011 is all about making a fashion statement and getting back to grass roots.  No ultra modern styles here.  Where bohemian or classically elegant, this year's looks are getting back to the basics of flirty feminine beauty.  A beautifully sculpted S curl bang, or a braided accent can really set your look apart from the rest.  


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