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Fishtail Braid How To by Amilee Smith

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how to: the fishtail braid

Let our stylist Amilee Smith take you step by step in creating a  fishtail braid!

This braid is ideal for medium to long hair.  It is best to begin by prepping the hair with a holding product, we suggest Benniefactor's b Clever dressing creme and b Bold texturizing spray.  You may find it easier if the hair has a bit of texture, add some curls throughout using your flat iron or curling iron.


Now that the hair is prepped and ready to go, let's begin!

1.  Start at the top and visualize an imaginary line down the center back of the head.  You will be crisscrossing over the line throughout the braid.

2.  Bring a small section from the left side to the back, secure with your right hand. (pic 1)

3.  Bring a small section from the right side to the back and cross over the previous section.  Secure with your left hand.  (pic 2)

4.  Bring another section from the left side accross the middle and secure with right hand (remember to maintain consistent amounts of hair in each section that you pull back)  Repeat on the right side and continue crisscrossing as you work your way down the imaginary line until you have no hair remaining.  Tie with a clear elastic. 

5.  Lightly pull at the outer edges of the braid just to loosen them a little bit. (pic 3)

6.  Starting at the bottom of the braid, begin rolling under and continue rolling up, stretching the braid as you go to form a bun (pic 4)

7.  Pin under the bun, trying to crisscross bobby pins for a strong hold.  For long, thick hair use larger pins.  Adjust as needed and finish with a firm hold hairspray, we suggest b Proud hairspray.  (pinning in pic 5, finished look in pic 6)

Amilee will present this how to during a live demonstration at our Style Event on March 7, 2014 from 6:30 to 9:00pm.  Amilee's fishtail braid presentation will take place at 7:30pm that evening.  The Style Event will feature two additional live demonstrations as well as botox and filler beauty treatments that can be scheduled by contacting Geneva Hair Studio with your RSVP.  To learn more about this event and future events visit our homepage and join our mailing list or like us on Facebook.


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