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Small Angled Brush by Liz Hoch

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Small Angle Brush by Liz Hoch

Bdellium #763

This small angled brush offers versitility for any makeup user. This multipurpose brush is a perfect pair with gel liners, powders, or crème. It can be used wet or dry depending on the desired look. The slanted angled brush is the most user friendly of the eyeliner brushes due to its easy-to-maneuver slanted angle. Create sharp, precise, even lines every time. 
Try out this brush on the brows, to line the eyes, or even in a pinch to fill in the lips. Here are a few simple ways to use the small angled brush.
When using the brush to fill in the eyebrows begin with an eyebrow powder palette. We suggest the Youngblood Brow Artiste palette. Fill in the sparse brows with the brow powder by using short strokes over your natural brow shape. If you prefer a more defined brow, use a brow gel or crème along with the small angled brush to create your shape and fill. 
The small angled brush is a great tool to use for eyeliner. Use with a powder for a soft difused look or with a gel liner for a precise, clean line. We suggest Youngblood Pressed Eyeshadow and Cailyn Gel Eyeliner. Place the brush on the inner corner of the eye and press into lash line. Begin walking the brush across to create a perfect line or a winged liner. 
After your application, it is always best to clean your brushes. Keeping your tools germ and bacteria free will ensure a clean application every time. Wash your brush with a gentle shampoo, swirl the brush around to remove product, and then rinse.


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Eyebrow Tutorial by Holly Beasley

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how to: eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most identifying facial feature that frame your eyes and, when shaped properly, bring out the eyes and thus brighten the face. Even if you already have a pretty nice natural shape to begin with, a subtle change can make a difference. The eyebrows show emotion and can soften or define facial features. Taking the time to shape the eyebrow is a small change that can really make a huge difference!
Before we begin with the step by step tutorial, let’s discuss a few tips to keep in mind to help along the way. First, practice makes perfect; don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it the first time, or the second...or third. Secondly, brows are sisters, not identical twins - don’t get caught up in making them perfectly identical. Lastly, back up from the mirror. Getting the balance, shape, and thickness of the brow correct for the face is achieved by seeing the brows not only up close but from a distance as well. Your brows may look impeccable in the magnifying mirror but in person they may look uneven on the face and/or too thick or too thin. 
So let’s get started!
Begin by finding the placement of your brow. Refer to this diagram to know where your brow should start, arch and end.


Step 1: Apply eye primer to the lid and into the brow area. We recommend Blinc Eyeshadow Primer. Comb brows into shape. 
Step 2: Using an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil, outline the bottom of the brow with short, wispy strokes starting at the inner corner and working up to the arch (Image 1). We recommend using the Youngblood Eyeliner pencil. Continue the line from the arch to the desired tail of the brow (Image 2). Repeat on the other side. Remember, when working with a pencil, it is important to use a light hand as too much pressure can create an unnatural and harsh end result
Step 3: Outline the top of the brow starting 2/3rds of the way in from the inner corner to the peak of the arch (Image 3). Continue the line from the peak of the arch to the tail connecting the top and bottom lines (Image 4). Repeat on the other side.
Step 4: Take a soft brow brush and lightly diffuse the lines toward the center of the brow.
Step 5: Using the Bdellium 762 angled brush, apply brow powder to the inside of the brow using a light hand (Image 5). We recommend using the Youngblood Brow Artiste Palette. Start in the middle and work your way toward the tail end. Pick up more brow powder with your brush and begin to fill in the front of the brow where you want it to begin (this can be extended past the natural brow or within it). Lightly brush brows with a brow brush to blend the products.
Step 6: At this time you can clean up any mistakes around the brow with a Q-tip. If more definition is desired, concealer applied with a precision concealer brush can be used around the edges.
Step 7:  Next, using the Bdellium 975 mixed powder brush, apply face powder over the entire brow area to set the brows and soften the edges (Image 6). We recommend using the Youngblood Pressed Mineral Rice Powder. And your done!

Quick Steps:

  • Apply primer
  • Line bottom
  • Line top 
  • Blend
  • Fill with powder


Holly will present this how to during a live demonstration with Q & A at our Style Event on May 2nd!


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Creating a Beautiful Blowout

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Tips to create a beautiful blowout by Lindsey koza

If you have ever received a haircut here at GENEVA Hair Studio then you have experienced our signature blowout and styling lesson.  We know that duplicating a blowout at home can be challenging so here are a few great tips to help you out.

A great blowout, or any style for that matter, begins with the product and the tools.  Grab your round brush, blowdryer with concentrator attachment, and Benniefactor products and let's get started (pic 1).

1.  PREP

To achieve long lasting volume begin by applying a hold factor from root to ends as well as a root lifter through freshly washed damp hair.

We suggest Benniefactor's b More building spray & b Artistic creative foam from scalp to ends with b Bold texturizing spray at the roots, specifically the crown.

If a smooth, sleek blowout is your goal use a cocktail mixture of b Clever dressing creme and and b Smooth straigntening gel through the mid section and ends of your hair.


Before using your round brush make sure your hair is about 80% dry using a paddle brush.  This will allow you to have control and save time.

With the concentrator attached to your blowdryer and the heat set to high begin by brushing all your hair forward toward your face with a back and forth motion.  This motion helps to relax cowlicks & stubborn hairs along the hairline (pic 2).

Work all the way around head, brushing in different directions, continuing the back and forth motions, also focusing on getting your roots 100% dry.


Once your hair is about 80% dry section the hair into 3 - 4 workable horseshoe sections (pic 3).  Take sections no wider than the width of your round brush.

Section 1:  Top mohawk section, straddling the part line.

Section 2:  Starting at the temples and section around your head, remembering to take sections no wider than the width of your round brush.

Section 3:  Start at the mid ear and section around

Section 4:  The remaining hair at the nape of the neck (depending on the thickness of your hair, you may not need to have this as a separate section)

Begin with the last section (section 4) and smooth out the hair by directing  the airflow in the downward motion (pic 4).  Continue this same direction and method in section 3, giving the dryer and brush a few passes down the hair strand  to remove remaining moisture and add smoothness.      

In section 2 start at the ear and begin directing your brush away from the face (pic 5).  Working around that section, direct the hair parallel from the  head and focus the heat at your roots to create volume.

You are almost there!  The top section will determine the amount of volume you would like to create.  Starting at the crown or back of the section, use your duck bill clip to section a horizontal parting.  Begin directing your airflow at your root and pull the section either directly up or overdirect towards your face, depending on the amount of volume you would like.  Follow this same pattern continuing to take horizontal sections (pic 6).

If you have bangs, use the same technique and brush away from your face (pic 7).


 Finish the look woth a light to firm hold hairspray to lock in your beautiful blowout.  We suggest Benniefactor's b    Confident or b Proud hairspray.


Lindsey will present this how to during a live demonstration at our Style Event on May 2nd!







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How To: Create Soft Waves by Liz Hoch

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how to: soft waves

The perfect soft wave is quick, easy, and always in style.

Begin by prepping the hair

  • When your hair is damp apply a texturizer with hold through the ends and at your roots for light volume
We suggest: (pic 1)
  • b Artistic Creative Foam from root to ends
  • b Bold Texturing Spray at the root for maximum lift or b More Building Spray for a light lift
Next, its time to dry (pic 2)
  • Blow-dry the hair to create volume by alternating the hair from side to side
  • Round brush the top section to create desired volume
  • Use the round brush to smooth the ends if needs 
Section the hair (pic 3)
  • Using clips, section the hair into 3 horseshoe sections
  • Part from the middle of the ears down- Section 1
  • Mid section beginning at temples and down- Section 2
  • The remaining amount at the top- Section 3
Heat your iron to around 75%.
  • To create an even softer curl, turn the heat on your iron down. You can easily achieve different curl sizes with one iron.
Let down Section 1:
  • If your length is short to medium, put a drastic bend under with the flat iron to avoid flips (pic 4). If your length is longer, curl through as you will in section 2 & 3
Section 2:
  • Using a medium iron (1 ¾ or 1 ¼) start in the front and grab sections no wider that your barrel (pic 5).
  • Beginning at your face, go in with your curling iron diagonally and curl away from the face (pic 6).
  • Work iron through starting at the root and slowly moving down the strand. The ends should only be in for a few seconds.
  • As soon as you drop the curl from the iron, lightly run your fingers through the hair. 
Section 3:
  • Continue the same as section 2, beginning by your face, working around the head (pic 7 & 8).
Tease it & work out the curl
  • Working through the hair helps to bring the curls together and give the style shape. Work through with your hands and a teasing brush as needed (pic 9).
Suggested product:
  • b More Building Powder- use this product by tapping it into the root area or by squeezing the bottle and puffing it throughout.
  • Finish the look with b Confident hair spray to lock in the shape (pic 1).


Liz will present this how to during a live demonstration at our Style Event on March 7, 2014 from 6:30 to 9:00pm.  Liz's soft wave presentation will take place at 8:15pm that evening.  The Style Event will feature two additional live demonstrations as well as botox and filler beauty treatments that can be scheduled by contacting Geneva Hair Studio with your RSVP.  

To learn more about this event and future events visit our homepage and join our mailing list or like us on Facebook.



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How To: Winged Eyeliner by Ashley Salazar

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how to: winged eyeliner

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner is as easy as 1-2-3, here's how!  Whether you're creating a mysterious sultry look or simply wanting to add definition to the eye, this technique is sure to look fabulous on all eye shapes.

Begin by applying your favorite eyeshadow, we used Youngblood's: Halo for the lid & browbone, Gulided for the crease, and a combination of Concord & Topaz at the outer corner.

Once your shadow look is complete, grab your eyeliner brush and gel liner.  We used Cailyn gel liner in purple & blue with the built in brush.

Fully coat the brush, forming a point.  This will allow the liner to lay smoothly and consistent.  Apply to the top lash line, this can be done in one fluid sweep or by creating dashes then connecting them (pic 1). 

Now we are ready to create our wing.  Begin with the eye open, lay your brush at the outer corner of your lower lash line and sweep up to create your angle, almost like a check mark (pic 2). 

A higher angle will result in a more defined wing,  a lower angle will result in a thicker wing.  You may find it easier to draw the shape with an eyeliner pencil before using the gel liner.

Draw a line from the top of your angle to the center of the lid (pic 3).

Last but not least fill in the shape you've just created (pic 4).

For extra flare try doubling up on various colors.  We chose to melt the purple into the blue (pic 5).

Voila! You've just created a beautiful winged eyeliner look that's perfect for any occassion (pic 6).


Ashley will present this how to during a live demonstration at our Style Event on March 7, 2014 from 6:30 to 9:00pm.  Ashley's winged eyeliner presentation will take place at 6:45pm that evening.  The Style Event will feature two additional live demonstrations as well as botox and filler beauty treatments that can be scheduled by contacting Geneva Hair Studio with your RSVP.  To learn more about this event and future events visit our homepage and join our mailing list or like us on Facebook.

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