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Mother's Day Makeover

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Happy mother's day!

A few weeks back we asked our clients to send us a message explaining why a Mom they know deserves a makeover.  We recieved many great nominations for the makeover, Ami Guilfoy sent us this heartfelt message:

I would like to nominate my mother, Sharon Roembke, for the Mother's Day Makeover Contest. My mom is the most selfless and giving mother and has always put her children before herself. She is always there to help us with our own children and rarely gets any time to herself. Just recently she spent ten days sleeping on an air mattress after I had surgery to ensure she could help me if needed during the middle of the night. I know it had to be uncomfortable and that she didn't get much sleep, but she never complained. That is just the kind of mother-and person-she is! I know she would be thrilled to win a day of beauty and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

Thank you!



We choose Sharon for the makeover, she was so excited!  The GENEVA team gave Sharon a new look using Davines color, benniefactor styling aids, and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.









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Summer Hair Care

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protect & care for your summer hair

Picture it: summer in fabulous Indiana. It’s hot and the sun is shining down on all the little peeps frolicking at the pool or jogging along the Pennsy trail with their chocolate labs. Summer is here to stay and you’re soaking up all the rays you can. Life is good.


But when you get home after a long day of warm-weather antics, you look in the mirror and see your beautiful new summer ombre hair color looks washed out and dull. You scream at your reflection and then you pick up the phone and call Geneva Hair Studio (#2 on your speed dial I’m sure) and make an emergency appointment to revive your strands.


Don’t let this be you! I have for you, because I am sooo kind, a way to avoid this heartache.


Thanks to Davines’ Glorifying line (our super awesome Italian hair color/care line), which provides UV protection, fights free radicals and oxidation, and moisturizes, there is a solution to your summertime blues:


  • Add Glorifying Elixir ($20) to your next color service. It’s a super powered serum that when mixed in with your color, helps reduce color fading and is packed with antioxidants.

  • Upgrade your shampoo to the Glorifying Shimmering Shampoo ($5). Polyphenols protect from UV rays and wheat proteins add a protective  barrier to the hair.

  • Seal in color with Glorifying Color Locking post color mousse ($15).This is a great product for anyone (even us pale, sun phobic people) who wants to increase the longevity of their color.

  • Hydrate and block free radicals with the Glorifying Anti-Age Shimmering Pak ($15). Your sun dried tresses will thank you.

  • Glorifying Color Protective Leave-In ($5) will add moisture and protection. This lightweight conditioner blocks solar radiation and leaves hair silky and soft.

  • Add high shine and UV protection with Glorifying Shimmering Silkening Serum ($10). It only takes a couple drops to have sassy, glossy ‘do.


So when it comes to sun protection, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget to do your part and wear a hat or scarf for added protection when outdoors and ALWAYS wear sunscreen to protect your biggest organ: your skin!


“But Holly!” you say, “After a day at the pool my hair feels like straw and I can’t even get a comb through it!” Well, my friend, have I got a product for you! Davines’ Naturaltech line has a whole family devoted to detoxifying your hair!


  • Detoxifying Mud ($30) is this amazing clay mask for your hair that actually sucks out all the impurities such as chlorine from your hair and leaves your hair manageable and healthy. Ge this treatment as often as needed after prolonged chlorine exposure.



All of these great products will keep you stress free and your hair summer ready are available in salon and can be customized for your specific needs.  


Just remember: protect your hair!




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Trending Now: Pastel Blondes

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blonde moments

The major blonde trend this spring and summer is a fun, contemporary change. A pastel blonde movement has taken over salons all over the country. Pale, platinum,  purple and pink pastels are all the rage!

Davines recently added to their blonde color options with their Flamboyance collection. The fabulous blondes created are a welcome change to the blonde looks of the past. Instead of going for a warm golden look, stylists have begun creating pale and platinum blondes with a subtle shade added in, transforming the hair into a gorgeous pastel hue of your choosing.

The pastel blonde look can be complementary to many different facial features and complexions. A purple shade can bring out the blue or green in your eyes and pink can illuminate your cheeks and lips and add a warmth to brown eyes. A rosegold color could also be a feminine compromise on the pastel trend, giving the hair a light golden pink veil of color.

Not all pastel blondes need to have a color added in. Keeping your hair the light base color, whether it be more silver or platinum, can also be a completely beautiful look. A pastel blonde can give the illusion of clear skin and high cheekbones by highlighting your face's natural shadows, accenting the best parts of your face.

The look is not always easy to obtain, especially when you are starting from a darker hair color. It will probably take a couple of trips to the salon to reach the final product, allowing your stylist to keep your hair from becoming extremely damaged from the multiple processes. When you do reach your final destination though, your pastel hair will be a huge hit with everyone you encounter!





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Spring Trend Event

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spring Trend Event

Are you ready for a new look? Want to know what is going to be all the rage come spring and summer?

Well here you go, from the runways in Milan, New York, Paris and London to the streets of Indianapolis -- all of the best new hair and makeup trends are here for you!

monday, april 29th

Call now to reserve your appointment at our Spring Trend Event on Monday April 29th from 1 - 8pm, appointments are complementary and space is limited

- Trend Makeup Lessons

- Relaxing Chair Massages

- Davines Hand Treatments

- Our Biggest Discounts of the Year

- Prizes

- Have a valid referral schedule for the event and you BOTH recieve 50% off your next appointment

special guest : liliana pennington


Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Educator for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Liliana Pennington will be at GENEVA Hair Studio for the event! 

Liliana will be training the Geneva team all morning on the latest tricks and trends of the makeup world.  Since creating the perfect, flawless look for each client is always top priority,  Liliana will be observing and providing insight where needed during the event. 

Given her  years of experience using Youngblood Cosmetics Liliana has great information we can't wait to learn!


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To Die For: Bdellium Green Bambu Brushes

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go green this spring

Any time I can easily help the environment, I will try. I'm not one to preach about the ozone layer or pollution or the rainforest, but if I can help out in a little way (such as cutting the plastic around pop containers to save the dolphins) I will do it.

Along that note, did you know that bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth? Due to its rapid regrowth cycle, it can be harvested with virtually no impact on the environment. Those sneaky pandas...they've been helping the environment this entire time.

Bdellium Tools also began helping the environment with the release of their Green Bambu series brush line. The series is comprised of professional eco-friendly makeup brushes with all sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles with an anodized aluminum ferrule. All of the soft synthetic filaments used in the Green Bambu series are not treated with an antibacterial agent. The advantages of synthetic bristles include less or no hair shedding compared to natural bristles, it's easier to clean and provides a light application. The synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic and 100% cruelty free.

I love Bdellium makeup brushes in general, but the Green Bambu line I am especially fond of because of all of the great features it includes. Having the ability to help the environment every time I apply my makeup is a great perk, right?


Bdellium tools also offers a Studio line.  Each brush in the Studio line is treated with an anti-bacterial agent. This anti-bacterial agent helps guard against bacteria (specifically E.coli or S.aureus), fungus and mold.  The studio line also features anodized aluminum ferrules with yellow lacquered handles (shiny & pretty!), and once again, 100% cruelty free.

April's Studio Reward is 20% off any bdellium tools! So stop in and upgrade your tools,  the Studio line is always in stock at GENEVA and the Green Bambu line is available by special order. 


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