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Airbrush Makeup Indianapolis

Airbrush Makeup Indianapolis

Continuing Education: Color Code I, Airbrush PRO Workshop, & America's Beauty Show

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color code 1

Liz, Cara, & Allie attended a Davines color class at The Space this month, known as Color Code I, the class went over the basic knowledge that every stylist should have about the entire Davines color line.

The stylists who attended the class were able to participate in a hands-on training session with the Davines color line. They split off into groups and were able to experiment with formulating and applying color on live models.

Allie particularly enjoyed the opportunity to formulate and apply what she had observed in the class on a live model and see her own end results.

“I learned more details about contributing colors and the natural contributing color that is in the hair. Knowing that opened my eyes to what Davines colors come from and what their base colors begin at.” - Liz



airbrush PRO makeup workshop

Liz, Holly, and Amilee were in attendance for the GENEVA Airbrush PRO Makeup Workshop hosted by GENEVA Master Makeup Artist Ashley Renee Salazar in our studio this month. The workshop focused on airbrush makeup artistry techniques used to create the perfect look for any special occasion.

The workshop covered full application of foundation, contouring, blush application and more, leaving any client with a Hi-Def finish.

“Great! The hands on portion was really helpful – the dots and dashes on paper were a great warm-up for applying them on real people. Thanks Ashley!”

"The class was very helpful in learning new airbrush techniques. The trigger control tips were great in learning how to support and control the air brush gun.”



america's beauty show: chicago

The entire GENEVA team headed to the Windy City to attend America's Beauty Show. 

The annual trade show included multiple vendor booths, live haircutting & coloring demonstrations, as well as hands on classes over various techniques.

Holly's favorite look from the show was a light lavender cut with straight across bangs.  Her favorite moment of the show was sighting Tabatha Coffey and trying to say hello.  Holly also claims that she yelled "I'm taking over!"

Liz says “Attending the show was definitely inspiring. It is a very cool environment to learn, take classes, purchase awesome goodies, and get inspired! Standing back and observing all of the product lines and hair guru’s take stage was pretty awesome.”








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Continuing Education: Gage for Men Haircutting and Basic PRO Makeup Workshop

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gage for men haircutting

The GENEVA team hosted  an in studio training instructed by Brittany Griffith, a Benniefactor and Gage for Men Educator. Brittany presented innovative approaches to men's hair design.

The GENEVA team was inspired,  Holly learned about detailing the hairline in a more efficient way giving her more confidence.  Amilee was excited to dive back into shear over comb cutting.


basic pro makeup workshop

Liz, Allie, and Cara were in attendance for the GENEVA Basic PRO Makeup Workshop hosted by GENEVA Master Makeup Artist Ashley Renee Salazar in our studio this month. The workshop focused on basic makeup artistry techniques used to create an everyday glowing look.

These techniques demonstrated color theory, basic application, and  proper brush use. These techniques are applicable to any client's desired finish.

After the workshop Liz was "really excited to use new techniques for innovative brows and proper application of shadows according to eyeshape."

Interested in becoming a PRO? check out our Spring 2013 schedule: http://www.genevahairstudio.com/pro-classes


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Trending Now: Airbrush Makeup

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get hi-def skin perfection

Many makeup artists have been trained to apply airbrush makeup. Why? Because it will give a person a flawless look with the final result being skin perfection. Does it sound too good to be true? Well it is not!

Airbrush makeup is the application process used on movie sets, television sets, fashion runways, and more! It is a facial foundation process that makeup professionals trust to create a look that from all angles will stand up under a high-definition point of view. Best of all, the makeup is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and reduces the need to worry about sanitation due to brushes no longer being involved.

Airbrush makeup application is a makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air through an airbrush with drops of color. A makeup artist will apply foundation, blush, bronzer, etc. during an airbrush application to give your skin a beautifully natural looking result. The makeup will provide flawless coverage and minimize all skin imperfections. It also has the ability to cover tattoos, scars, birthmarks, and any other issue that you might not want to be seen.

An airbrush makeup application has become very popular with brides because of the many perks to the service. Not only will an airbrush makeup application provide you with flawless skin perfection, it also will provide you with all day coverage. It is water-resistant and should not require any touch-ups throughout the day. It is also extremely lightweight and has been said to "feel as if I don't have any makeup on at all".



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Create a Classic Makeup Look

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Get this Look!



How to achieve this classically beautiful style with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics:


Start with clean, moisturized skin.For added hydration, use a light spritz of Minerals in the Mist, and let it absorb for 3 minutes before you apply your makeup.



Gently apply a small amount of Ultimate Concealer (in your correct skin shade) over any minor imperfections, blemishes or redness, using a Concealer brush.  Also, conceal under your eyes,if necessary, to hide any shadows or dark circles.

Using a Kabuki or Large Powder brush, apply Natural Loose Mineral Powder (in your correct skin shade) over the face in a circular buffing motion.  Keep building more powder until you acheive your desired coverage.

Sculpt your Cheekbones using Pressed Mineral Blush in Tangier using your Angled Contour Blusher brush.

Ultimate Concealer YoungbloodNatural Loose Mineral PowderTangier Mineral Blush



Dust a light coat of Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Ora over the entire eyelid, using a Large Shadow Brush.

Line the eyes using the Intense Color Eye Pencil in Blackest Black.  Keep the line very thin, and close to the eyelash line. 

Apply two coats of Mineral Lengthening Mascara in Blackout to the eyelashes. 

Ora Youngblood Mineral EyeshadowYoungblood Eye Pencil BlackLengthening Mineral Mascara



Carefully fill in your lips with Truly Red Lip Pencil, paying close attention to perfecting the edges of the lips.

Over the top of the pencil, apply a layer of Vixen Lipstick.   Check the lipstick application for symmetry, and clean up any smudges or imperfections using concealer or remover as necessary.

Truly Red Lip Pencil YoungbloodYoungblood Vixen Lipstick



Voila! You're finished--and looking classic and elegant!  This look will work for anything--from day to night.   Enjoy!




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Award Season Beauty - Oscars

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Okay, so it was so hard to choose just three favorites this time around because I lvoed everyone at the Oscars this year.  Everyone looked so great.  Everyone knows the hose, Anne Hathaway, looked stunning in all of her individual looks throughout the night.  I kind of wanted to list her for all of my top three slots, but I decided to reserve my choices for attendees of the show.



Celine Dion was an unexpected visitor at this years' Academy Awards, lending her vocals to the In Memoriam portion of th ceremony.  I feel like Celine always looks lovely, but particularly for this event, she looked her best.  Extremely polished, her hair was so silky smooth and not a single fly-away.  It almost makes me wonder if this is a wig (not uncommon in Hollywood, of course).  Her makeup is natural, and again, so polished.  She's glowing!


 Mandy Moore was also looking exceptionally refined on the red carpet this year!  Her sleek updo looked so mature and elegant.  That orange-toned lip color is so trendy.  It really compliments her coppertone hair and I thought it kept her looking fresh.  I'm loving the new sophisticated Mandy...


My best beauty pick of the night is definitely Mila Kunis. Her striking exotic beauty has never been accented so well.  I have never seen her look better.  Everything came together for her on Sunday night--the dress, the makeup, the romantic updo, the rich haircolor.  Her styling team hit a home run.




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Award Season Beauty - Grammys

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Watching the Grammy's every year is such an enjoyable event for me.  I love that the ceremony is jam packed with plenty of musical performances--and that there's a representation of every music genre.  What's even more fun is that musicians are always so flashy and fun to watch on the red carpet.  I loved this year's fashion and beauty especially because I didn't see as much of the usual extreme attention grabbing gimmicks which usually fill the Grammy's red carpet in droves.  With the exception of Nicki Minaj cheetah hair (yikes!) and Gaga's egg incubator, the air this year was full of class and sophistication.  Some of my favorite flashy artists this year toned it down and presented more tasteful style choices.  Grabbing attention without looking desperate must have been this year's theme.  I, for one, loved it.

My Top Beauty Picks:


Adam Lambert looks like a rock god in with this look.  He traded in his emo spiked locks for this classic slicked back style.  The universe must been on his side Sunday night because this hair laid perfectly for the duration of the night.  Other celebs attempted this same style (Bruno Mars, among others) but none looked so suave as Adam.  This hair paired with his trademark smokey guyliner and his Zoolander pose makes me OBSESSED with this look!  Kudos, man.


 Katy Perry is all grown up now, and she's was really exuding that vibe all night.  This look was sans bangs, which was nice because it showed off her amazing makeup.  Her eyes were the focus, with purple glitter on the upper lid and a lime green smokey liner on bottom.  I like that even though she's definitely presenting a more adult demeanor, she still can be super playful with her makeup colors.  It was just enough without going over the top.  Well, maybe if she had left the wings off....  


 Rihanna is always a style star, and her look this time around was a jaw dropper.  I can't say enough about how great this shade of red hair suits her.  She looks fierce and so ultra fashionable.  Her hairstlye and makeup were both subtle and flawless, leaving the world to stare in awe of her natural beauty and **ahem** that dress.



Next up on the Award Show circuit.....the Oscars!  Stay tuned!

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Award Season Beauty - SAG

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The Screen Actor's Guild awards ceremony was held this year on January 30th, and was viewed by 5 million television viewers.  This show is really doing a great job at picking up extra viewers by catering to its niche of being the award that exclusively honors  actors' performances.  As a viewer, its really nice because the show if filled with speeches from people that we can actually recognize.  No offense to cinematographers, composers, and producers--but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thankful for DVR during their speeches. 

fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward fast forward

I love actors, and I gotta tell you that for this round of awards it was young Hollywood who aimed to impress!  Kudos to the Glee girls who rocked the house with fresh, exciting makeup and hair looks!

My Top Beauty Picks:



Amber Riley--Yowza! She is has taen her look to rockstar status with this look.  She is looking majorly fierce with this bold lip.  What I can't get over on this beautiful makeup look is her sculpted cheeks which have been highlighted beautifully.  The eye makeup was kept subtle as not to draw attention from the bold lip color choice.  Her hair is shiny, and smooth.  She rocked this look with confidence, which I love!  Bravo!


 Jenna Ushkowitz is making sure that Glee fans are going to be asking themselves "Lea Michele who?" at this year's SAG awards. Jenna balanced a very classic updo with a youthful fashion makeup look.  This makeup color story looks like it was pulled right of the Spring/Summer 2011 runway.  She's young, she's cool, and she got this look right!


Dianna Argon.  This look is screaming "MOVIE STAR" to me.  My prediction: her character on Glee will be written off in the near future, so this girl can make more time for her booming career on the big screen.  This look is my favorite of the night!  This eye look is so cool.  Her brows are dramatically darkened, giving her much more of an adult look.  The hair is simple and sexy.  I feel like the hair is actually channelling Gwyneth Paltrow at the height of her stardom.  Keep it up, girl!




Next up on the Award Show circuit.......The Grammys!


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Award Season Beauty - Golden Globes

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It's time for my favorite season on the year!  That's right, it's Award Show Season!   The 2011 Golden Globes Ceremony kicked it off on January 16th.   

At this year's Golden Globes, the blonde bombshells stole the show! From classic, to retro, to sexy--these ladies got it right! 

My Top Beauty Picks:


Julianne Hough looks stunning with her low updo, swept off of  the face.  The hair being pulled back reveals a flawless face of makeup.  What I love about this hairstyle is the amount of height still left on top which slims her face.  Her stylist walked a fine line with this, and pulled it off beautifully.  A swept-back style like this could've easily made her look like a schoolmarm, but not this time!  A+


 January Jones is mesmerizing in this classic look. Her makeup was so impeccable that I didn't even notice the "dress heard round the world" that she was wearing.  Her bold glossy red lip is so chic, but what I love more is her perfectly groomed brows!  This is a prime example of what it means to rock a full brow and do it right.  



Claire Danes should teach a class on how to look effortlessly beautiful all the time.   Not a hair out of place, this minimalist look is my favorite of the night!  Can you say LASHES!?  I noticed them right away!  I quickly remembered that she's the new spokeswoman for Latisse.  It looks so natural on her and I'll tell you, I can barely even notice the brown spots on her eyelids!  Just kidding. (That was a bad Latisse joke.) 



Next up on the Award Show circuit......SAG Awards!

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The Year of The Pixie

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It's a new year!  We're all starting fresh this year, reinventing ourselves.  What better way to discover the new you than a fresh beginning for your hair?  Liberate your hair from years of hiding in ponytails, hats and scarves!  A new pixie style might be right for you!

So what is a pixie, exactly?

"A pixie cut refers to a short woman's hairstyle, generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. Women began exploring shorter hairstyles in the 1920s, which were widely popular by rebelling women known as flappers.  The pixie cut has occasionally been brought into the spotlight, being worn by world famous stars and models such as Alyssa Milano, Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley, Rihanna, Katie Holmes,Victoria Beckham, and, recently Emma Watson.

Pixie cuts work best on women with thin straight hair. Fine features, such as high cheekbones and large eyes, are accentuated with this hairstyle. Depending on the style, pixies range from as short as a half inch in some places to two or three inches long in others. Pixies are very easy to care for and can be worn casually, or dressed up for special occasions." [Wikipedia.org]


Get Inspired Today! 

Print these photos to bring into GENEVA on your next visit, or feel free to use the STYLIST KEYWORDS (provided below) to help describe your desired style to your GENEVA stylist.




Free & Sassy


Shannyn Sossamon - STYLIST KEYWORDS: fringy, whispy, flirty,
long bangs, feminine, soft, natural wave, piecey, cheek-length sides, cut-out ear





Cool & Chic


Emma Watson - STYLIST KEYWORDS:  earthy, very short, tapered in back,
baby bangs, sharp, clean, sophisticated, rounded shape





Romance & Timelessness


Ginnifer Goodwin - STYLIST KEYWORDS:  romantic, feminine,
tapered sides and back, swept off the face, messy, height on top





Hip & Modern


Michelle Williams - STYLIST KEYWORDS:  mod, long layers on top,
tapered back, long bang, side swept bangs, straight, smooth, rounded


Worried about how to keep a feminine look while rocking your new pixie cut? 

When starting with a new short haircut, it will most likely be intimidating for the first several days.  The most common concern is looking too 'boyish' or masculine.  The easiest way to combat this look and feel more confident with your new short 'do is by altering your makeup.  Adding subtle touches of femininity can really make a difference in the way you feel and how people will perceive your new style. 

Three Easy Steps to Instant Femininity!

  1. Always wear blush!  It's one of the absolute most feminine things that can go on your face. Choose a flattering pink tone and lightly dust it onto the apples of the cheeks and center of the cheek bone. 
  2. Invest in a lash curler to give your lashes an instant flirty flip.  Don't forget your mascara!
  3. To add a girly touch to your eye makeup by choosing to use shades with a touch of shimmer or frost.

Use these steps to get you through your initial transition, and after that, feel free to rock your own style!





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