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Jaime Zentz Indianapolis

Jaime Zentz Indianapolis

Continuing Education: Renegage Men's Cutting, Davines Advanced Cutting, Short Cutting w/ Jaime

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Renegage Men's Cutting Class

Amilee attended a Renegage Men's Cutting Class at The Space in early October. During the class, the instructors went over a multitude of techniques that will assist in the men's cutting process and improve fading and face-shaping looks.

Amilee particularly enjoyed watching a  "free-handed" technique for fading using clipper-over-comb and a shear-over-comb approach to perfect lines.

In longer men's cuts, the instructors demonstrated a few ways of cutting to create a masculine "square" shaped style to accent the jaw and face shape.

There was a hands-on portion of the class that allowed the stylists to work one-on-one with the instructors and experience a more individualized training. Stylists were encouraged to ask questions and try out the techniques learned themselves.

Davines advanced cutting class

Ashley, Holly, Amilee, and Megan all attended the Davines Advanced Cutting Class at The Space in mid-October. The educator was Christine from Salon Concrete in New York City. She showcased new techniques to utilize in many different styles and cuts.

After the lesson, the girls themselves were able to perform three cuts using the techniques: a messy pixie, a shattered bob, and a geometric bob with blunt bangs.


short haircutting w/ jaime

Jaime taught a lesson on short haircutting on October 16th. Ashley was the model for the lesson.

Ashley originally had a shoulder length cut with layers throughout the entire head. Jaime demonstrated an angled bob with a shaved side. She presented a way to transition the shaved portion of the hair into the rest of the cut, to create a look that is both trendy and professional.

Jaime also went over a bevy of tips and tricks for cutting fine hair, such as removing weight in the hair to create a fuller and more voluminous look.

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to die for: Backwoods Belle accessories

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As a small business owner, I am always glad to support other entrepreneurs and small businesses. Indiana and the Indianapolis region have recently made some great additions to the city as far as individually owned businesses go. Irvington in particular is overflowing with locally owned stores and restaurants. One of the local stores I enjoy, Homespun, is only a few doors down from the salon. They sell homemade and locally crafted objects of every shape and size.

One of my favorite purchases from there was a headband from the Backwoods Belle line. One of their former employees makes these hair accessories at home and sells them at art fairs, in Homespun, and on Etsy. Her hair accessories feature beautiful silk flowers of every color, and come on headbands, hairpins, and clips. She also sells homemade soy candles and infant headbands.


I have purchased these hair accessories for my nieces and they loved them! They are a great gift for every lady of every age and go with every personal style choice. You can custom order them from the designer with any color combination you desire.


As a prize, we would like to give away a casual hairstyle appointment with a Backwoods Belle accessory accompaniment. Answer this question from the September newsletter:

The Streetscape Project is becoming more exciting with the addition of the Irvington Street Art Project! How many designs are going to be chosen to be displayed on the traffic signal boxes?

Leave a comment here with the answer or visit our Facebook page and give us your answer there! The winners will be announced in the October newsletter.


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Continuing Education: Dimensional Color and Men's Cuts

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Brocato Dimensional Color Class
Amilee attended the Brocato Dimensional Color Class at The Space: Indianapolis in early August. At the class, the instructor went over some new trends and thoughts on color placement to highlight special features and specific face shapes.

She particularly enjoyed the instruction involving new foiling and block coloring placement. The new color placement approach involved adding in color strategically to enhance the client's natural features and make the color "pop". During the hands-on segment of the workshop, Amilee was able to experiment with the new technique. She found it highly complementary to almost any hairstyle and would enhance many seasonal hair adjustments.



Men's Trend Cutting Class 

Holly and Amilee attended a men's trend cutting class presented by Eufora at The Space: Indianapolis. In the class they were shown several classic men's cuts, as well as some new long hairstyles for men. One of the highlights of the class was when the educator demonstrated a texturizing technique using a straight razor on one of the models.


Amilee was so impressed by the straight razor demonstration that after the class she bought her own. She thought that it was a great texturizing technique for most hair types and could be easily styled at home afterwards.



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To Die For: Blinc Mascara

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My latest cosmetic obsession is Blinc mascara in black.  I am talking L-O-V-E.  I love the look, love the feel, love the ease of application and LOVE the safe and clean removal!  This mascara has it all!

Blinc Mascara is a "tubular" mascara. It literally forms tiny no-smudge, water-resistant tubes around your lashes. The formula is silky smooth and glides on with ease. The unique applicator head applies the perfect amount of coverage with each and every stroke.

Once applied, the mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump or flake. The mascara is water and sweat resistant so when I am on the go, it stays put! The tubes that form, expertly define and lengthen the lashes.

When I'm  ready to remove the mascara, the tubes will simply slide off of my lashes with the combination of warm water and gentle pressure. This gentle removal maintains the health of my lashes while quickly removing the mascara leaving no black residue! I love it, it's amazing, I can't believe I have lived without it for this long.

Geneva Hair Studio has just recently started carrying Blinc.  Although, I have been wearing Blinc on and off for over a year. I would recommend all mascara wearers to stop by Geneva and buy a tube of Blinc today.

Blinc has been clinically tested to be non-irritating so it is ideal for contact wearers and active people. My lashes have never looked longer or fuller and I don't know if I have ever been as happy with a cosmetic product. When I want to add bulk to the length received from Blinc, I simply apply Revitalash primer before adding Blinc on top.  The only trick is to make sure I apply all coats and layers of Blinc to my lashes before the tubes start to dry and set.  I never have to worry about clumping or reapply my mascara throughout the day.

I am literally obsessed!  GENEVA is selling Blinc mascara at the salon for $26 if you want to stop in and get some....that is if the girls and I haven't bought it all for ourselves!


Two lucky winners will be invited in for complimentary professional full-face makeup applications to experience the entire Blinc line and discover how wonderful it is for themselves! We will pick the winners from whomever answers this question from the August newsletter correctly:
The Streeetscape project has made some excellent progress! How is Black Acre Brewery helping the efforts along?

The winner will be announced in the September newsletter!

Good Luck!

~ Jaime Z.


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to die for: nourishing hair building pak

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I love using hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons and being in the sunshine. Unfortunately, all of my favorite things have the ability to damage hair. From scalp to ends, hair protection products are crucial to keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Of course, consistent cuts help as well; but for the time between your appointments certain steps can be taken to keep your hair from becoming dry, damaged and brittle. Some of you have heard me say before that I “torture” my hair. Between the daily drying, curling and the color processes with high-lift blondes, my hair quickly becomes dry and brittle. My favorite new discovery to combat these issues is the Nourishing family of products from the Davines Natural Tech line, and the Nourishing Hair Building Pak in particular.

The pak is a mask designed for dry and damaged hair. Used as a conditioning product, it nourishes and restructures your hair shaft from the inside – out, leaving your hair feeling soft, shiny and full-bodied. To get the maximum results from the product, I would recommend massaging it into your scalp and ends thoroughly on towel-dried hair (water dilutes the product), and then letting it set for about 15 minutes. I know it sounds like a long time, but it will be worth it in the end. If you would like, after you apply the pak, throw your hair up in a clip and finish washing up, shaving, whatever you have to do, then rinse it out and be amazed with the change! The pak is infused with essential oils to leave the scent of mandarin, petit grain and ylang ylang (my husband LOVES the smell). My hair feels healthier and looks ten times better than it did before I started using the line. I have noticed an obvious difference in the shine, manageability and softness of my hair, and apparently others have as well, because the compliments just keep coming! I would recommend the Nourishing Hair Building Pak to anyone. One lucky reader is going to receive a free Nourishing Hair Building Pak. The winner will be randomly chosen from all who answer this question from the July newsletter correctly:

In every issue of our monthly newsletter, there will be a Studio Reward for our loyal readers. In July, what is the featured Studio Reward?

The winner will be announced in the August newsletter!

Good luck!

~ Jaime Z.


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Introducing: GENEVA Hair Studio

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Introducing IndianapolisGENEVA Hair Studio, a new boutique-style salon catering to contemporary culture and a modern lifestyle.   

This chic urban locale vows to offer your best salon experience, offering custom hair styling, coloring, cutting and indulgent beauty delights. GENEVA Hair Studio is dedicated to offering its clients an educated and highly-skilled team of artists and stylists with a range of talents. 

The studio is situated in the ultra diverse and trendsetting Historic Irvington district, located in Indianapolis’ east end. This Washington St. storefront salon echoes the charming history of the community and is placed right in the center of Irvington’s best offerings in culture, art and music.  The neighborhood’s eclectic style is reflected in the salon’s interior with a multifarious decor.  Complete with a black leather vintage style sofa, unique artwork and a balanced mixture of the antique and the modern, there is always something guaranteed to catch your eye.  Exclusive hair care and beauty lines complete GENEVA Hair Studio’s top-notch salon atmosphere.  Offering its clients only the best, the studio carries elite and swank product lines including Benniefactor, Shuga, Davines, and Gage for Men.

The inception of GENEVA pays tribute to salon owner Jaime Zentz’s long-established family history in the beauty industry. Jaime’s grandmother and former salon owner Geneva Chanley is the salon’s namesake and daily inspiration??.?


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