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How - To: Fall Fashion Bun

Posted 2:29 AM by

Ballerina-style buns were a big hit on this year's runways; however, a lot of people have issues getting their own buns to look the same at home. They could end up too small, too tight, falling out, etc, etc. In my tutorial, I will give some helpful tips on how to twirl and secure your own ballerina style bun for a fun, young day-to-day look!


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Ballerina Buns Bounce Back

Posted 10:53 AM by

buns, buns, buns

Ballerina style buns are BIG this season, and I am not just talking sizewise. Buns are everywhere. Diane von Furstenberg, Stella McCartney, and Marc Jacobs all showcased buns at their shows, Kim Kardashian seems to strictly style her hair in a bun, and a lot of people have discovered that throwing their hair up into a bun is an easy and cute way to get a quick style.

Buns have moved on from being too tight, too small knots at the back of your head, to fun and playful updos with more than a touch of class. They can transfer anywhere from the red carpet to the gym, and because of their ease, they are more often making that transition.

According to Kate Bosworth, "the simplicity of the hairstyle flatters the neck and clavicle area, the most sensual area's of a woman's body". The placement of the bun does not need to be a precise process either. At the top of the head, the bun can give the illusion of high cheekbones and more volume. At the center of the head, the bun can be seen as flirty and easy, especially if a tendril or two is left hanging. And though a low bun can be seen as cold and asutere, it can also be seen as classic, simple and business-like, a  no-nonsense alternative to a low ponytail.

As long as a bun has been given the chance to be full enough, it will be. Unless you have the hair for it, don't think of twisting a ponytail, wrapping it and creating a full force bun; it won't happen. Throw in some hairspray, tease it a bit, and see what comes of it. You should be pleasantly surprised. Jaime will be posting a bun tutorial next week. By the end of it, you should be able to give yourself a quick, fun bun in no time at all!


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To Die For: Good Hair Days Magic-Grip Hairpins

Posted 9:11 AM by

We've all seen it and we all know it. It's a fact, plain and simple, can't be refuted or denied.

I have A LOT of hair.

It's long, it's thick, it's wavy, it at times seems unmanageable. And it definitely, for sure, without a doubt, keeps me insulated and hot. Thus being the reason, when I want to put it up, I want it to stay up. Plain old bobby pins don't work for me. I need something much more hardcore, a clip with a little backbone. That is why I was ecstatic when I found out about the Magic-Grip Hairpins. These suckers hold up my hair as if it's not a challenge at all. Three or four of these babies and I can go throughout my day without needing any readjustments. Genius!

Now, I am in no way claiming that only people with thick flowing locks can use these pins. I'm fairly certain anyone could find a use for them. I have used them in people with thin hair, short hair, and even fine hair. What I am saying is that these people can resort to using plain old bobby pins, I can not. I need my hardcore hairpins.

I believe that these pins are magic (i.e. the name "Magic-Grip Hairpins).


This month we are giving away a pack of Good Hair Days Magic-Grip Hairpins to two lucky clients! If you would like to win a pack of these fabulous hairpins, simply leave a comment with a description of your favorite Halloween costume of all time! Pictures are encouraged. We will pick our favorite two entries as the winners!



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Trend Report: Fall and Winter 2012

Posted 11:03 PM by

A new season is upon us and you know what that means... NEW HAIR and MAKEUP TRENDS!!!

The Fashion Weeks in New York City, Paris, Milan, and around the world are always an exciting time of the year. At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year, a lot of the designers seemed to be thinking the same thing when it came to hair and beauty looks. From all of the shows, we discovered four major hair trends that seemed to repeat throughout the week: PONYTAILS, BRAIDS, RETRO, BUNS.


Ponytails were HUGE this year at fashion week, specifically low ponytails with a sleek side part. We saw them repeated at Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Calvin Klein.

To add an extra touch to their ponytail, many designers wrapped a portion of hair around the band to hide it, as seen at both Dior and BCBG. 

Side parts were also a big trend this year on the catwalk. We saw them throughout the week at Victoria Beckham, Diane Von Furstenburg, and Christian Dior. A heavy part worn with or without a ponytail or bun was displayed at many shows.

Volume was definitely not a look any of the designers were going for. Each ponytail was brushed flat to the head and secured low toward the nape of the neck, unlike last years trend of dominatrix type ponytails worn high on the head.



Buns were displayed in many different ways this season. Diane Von Furstenburg went for a ballerina type bun, whereas Marc Jacobs had braided buns shown on his models.

Simple, elegant ballerina style buns were seen at both Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenburg. Pulled back, twisted, and pinned up was the look they went for. The buns were worn anywhere from the nape of the neck to the middle of the head.

Marc Jacobs and Rick Owens both mixed their buns up with some braids and twists. Marc Jacobs made his buns strictly out of a braid, as seen to the left. Some other designers roped braids and twists around a bun to add a little something extra.


Retro looks have been pretty popular for awhile, but this year the retro twist was the main look shown off on the catwalk.

Valentino showed off a twisted look around the head. Displayed as a sort of French Twist wrapped around the side of the head, the designer gathered it into a bun in the rear.

Donna Karan's retro twist was a somewhat 1940's version of the look with all of the hair gathered and twisted at one side of the head. The twist traveled down and around the side of the head, ending a little past or at the nape of the neck. She also accessorized many of her models with miniature tophats and fedoras.


braids and twists

Braids in all forms were popular on the runway this year. Ranging from braided hairbands to twisted buns, braids and twists were displayed on many models.

Emilio Pucci had some beautiful braided hairbands displayed on his models. Wrapped across the top of the head, his models looked young and flirty.

Mulberry went for a braided look that was more rough around the edges, literally attaching a braid to the top of the head and roughing up the hair in the back into a messy updo.

Fendi and Mark Fast both displayed twisted looks, wrapped over the models head and then trailing down their shoulders. Fendi had a very clean twisted look, whereas Mark Fast's was a much wilder twist, almost savage looking with teased frizzy hair twisted around the head and down the shoulder.

Braided buns, as stated before, were seen at Marc Jacobs. Gucci and Valentino both displayed twists starting at the front and pinned in the back for a pre-Raphaelite look.



This year, designers offered up a wide variety of beauty looks on their models. Sometimes certain catwalk choices are hard to translate into a workplace option, however this season we were able to find some fabulous looks that we loved and can't wait to try. Any average person should be able to insert these looks from the fall fashion season into their everyday lives: SCARLET LIPS, BRIGHT EYES, BOLD BROWS, PINK CHEEKS.

scarlet lips

A deep red lip was shown off at many shows this season, including Gucci, Mulberry, Badgley Mischka, and Rocha, to name a few.

A dark red, also known as mulberry, burgundy, and vermilion, is a flattering look chosen to accentuate and highlight the face this season. Paired with a light, natural eye, the lip was obviously on display.

A red lip has always been a fall favorite, however this season with the transition into a deep red many people are loving the not-so-subtle change. Apparently taking a cue from Disney, deisgners this season were loving making their models lips "red as the red red rose".


Bright eyes

Bright, primary colored and accentuated eyes were a big hit on the catwalks this year. Defining eyes with loud eye liners and creating a smoky eye with colors other than black was a popular trick at many shows.

Jason Wu, Anna Sui, and Stella McCartney all incorporated a bright addition into their eye looks. Stella McCartney's models all had a bright blue mascara, Anna Sui had an azure eyeliner flicked out at the corner, and Jason Wu and others added primary bright shadows to accentuate the eyes.

bold brows

Defined brows were seen many times this fashion season. Chanel accentuated their brows with sequins and glitter whilst other designers went for a more natural full look, as seen at Vera Wang and J. Mendel.

Many designers played up and drew attention to the shape of the brow by shading with pencils and shadows. A lightly tweezed arch was key to the look, as overly plucked and ultra-thin eyebrows are definitely out.

The style that was most popular amongst the designers were brows that perfectly framed the model's face, light on the tweezing, heavy on the brow pencil to define and accentuate the arch. To accomplish the look, designers would choose a pencil one shade lighter than the actual brow color, so as not to make the brows look too unrealisticly full.

pink cheeks

Bright pink cheeks were seen on many runways this season, including Michael Kors, Issa, Christian Dior, and Temperley.

Described as a look of  "having just come in from skiing on a brisk winter day", Michael Kors models combined their extreme pink cheeks with a subdued eye and glossy red lip.

Ballerinas were cited as the muse for the models at the Dior show. They applied a pink cream blush to just the apples of the model's cheeks for a bright, youthful glow.


fall trend event

We are hosting a Fall Trend Event at GENEVA on October 1st. If you are interested in seeing one of the trends on yourself, please let us know! We will be sending out invitations shortly! 

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to die for: Backwoods Belle accessories

Posted 10:34 AM by

As a small business owner, I am always glad to support other entrepreneurs and small businesses. Indiana and the Indianapolis region have recently made some great additions to the city as far as individually owned businesses go. Irvington in particular is overflowing with locally owned stores and restaurants. One of the local stores I enjoy, Homespun, is only a few doors down from the salon. They sell homemade and locally crafted objects of every shape and size.

One of my favorite purchases from there was a headband from the Backwoods Belle line. One of their former employees makes these hair accessories at home and sells them at art fairs, in Homespun, and on Etsy. Her hair accessories feature beautiful silk flowers of every color, and come on headbands, hairpins, and clips. She also sells homemade soy candles and infant headbands.

I have purchased these hair accessories for my nieces and they loved them! They are a great gift for every lady of every age and go with every personal style choice. You can custom order them from the designer with any color combination you desire.


As a prize, we would like to give away a casual hairstyle appointment with a Backwoods Belle accessory accompaniment. Answer this question from the September newsletter:

The Streetscape Project is becoming more exciting with the addition of the Irvington Street Art Project! How many designs are going to be chosen to be displayed on the traffic signal boxes?

Leave a comment here with the answer or visit our Facebook page and give us your answer there! The winners will be announced in the October newsletter.


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Irvington Public Art Project

Posted 9:12 AM by

Irvington Terrace, in conjunction with the City of Indianapolis and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, is hosting a competition to paint the seven traffic signal boxes along Washington Street from Emerson to Edmondson. This sort of contest has been adopted all over the United States as a way to tie together tasteful street art and the neighborhood it is displayed in. Artists from the eastside will have an opportunity to have their vision put on display along Washington Street for everyone passing by to enjoy! Some examples from other contests include:


(Missoula, Montana)

(Coachella Valley: Indio, California)

(Tampa, Florida)

A jury will select the seven designs to be displayed. Each winning artist will receive $150 and all of the paint and materials will be provided! At the Irivngton Halloween Festival on October 27th, each design will be on display for people to vote for their favorite one. The winner of that contest will earn an additional $100! Designs must be submitted by October 1st so if you are an artist, start brainstorming!

We're so excited! Can not wait to see all of the fantastic ideas and streetscape updates!

If you have any additional questions or comments, or would like to submit an entry, contact irvingtonterrace1913@gmail.com.

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Introducing Our New Treatment Bar

Posted 8:42 AM by

A warm towel drenched in aromatherapy and draped over your face, a deep pressure scalp massage, a conditioning mask designed specifically for your scalp and hair... Come in for a Davines treatment at GENEVA.

We have recently stocked a treatment bar with products designed specifically for any type of hair or scalp needs. Do you have dry or damaged hair? Schedule a nourishing treatment. A sensitive scalp? Come in for a calming treatment. Does your hair fall out too easily or grow too slowly? An energizing treatment is the way to go. If you are prone to changing your hair color or damaging it with hot tools, add on a glorifying treatment to keep it healthy!

Any of these treatments can be added on to your regular hair service with your preferred stylist. If you're looking for a deal between hair appointments, you can schedule a treatment with one of our Fresh Talent stylists for 50% off of the treatment price and a complimentary blowdry-style. This option will be available starting August 14th!


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To Die For: Blinc Mascara

Posted 7:11 AM by

My latest cosmetic obsession is Blinc mascara in black.  I am talking L-O-V-E.  I love the look, love the feel, love the ease of application and LOVE the safe and clean removal!  This mascara has it all!

Blinc Mascara is a "tubular" mascara. It literally forms tiny no-smudge, water-resistant tubes around your lashes. The formula is silky smooth and glides on with ease. The unique applicator head applies the perfect amount of coverage with each and every stroke.

Once applied, the mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump or flake. The mascara is water and sweat resistant so when I am on the go, it stays put! The tubes that form, expertly define and lengthen the lashes.

When I'm  ready to remove the mascara, the tubes will simply slide off of my lashes with the combination of warm water and gentle pressure. This gentle removal maintains the health of my lashes while quickly removing the mascara leaving no black residue! I love it, it's amazing, I can't believe I have lived without it for this long.

Geneva Hair Studio has just recently started carrying Blinc.  Although, I have been wearing Blinc on and off for over a year. I would recommend all mascara wearers to stop by Geneva and buy a tube of Blinc today.

Blinc has been clinically tested to be non-irritating so it is ideal for contact wearers and active people. My lashes have never looked longer or fuller and I don't know if I have ever been as happy with a cosmetic product. When I want to add bulk to the length received from Blinc, I simply apply Revitalash primer before adding Blinc on top.  The only trick is to make sure I apply all coats and layers of Blinc to my lashes before the tubes start to dry and set.  I never have to worry about clumping or reapply my mascara throughout the day.

I am literally obsessed!  GENEVA is selling Blinc mascara at the salon for $26 if you want to stop in and get some....that is if the girls and I haven't bought it all for ourselves!


Two lucky winners will be invited in for complimentary professional full-face makeup applications to experience the entire Blinc line and discover how wonderful it is for themselves! We will pick the winners from whomever answers this question from the August newsletter correctly:
The Streeetscape project has made some excellent progress! How is Black Acre Brewery helping the efforts along?

The winner will be announced in the September newsletter!

Good Luck!

~ Jaime Z.


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All Eyes on Eufora Creative Streak

Posted 1:06 PM by

Have you ever wanted to break out of your shell? Be bold, daring, trendy or unique? Rip off your Clark Kent suit and reveal yourself as Superman?


GENEVA has just started carrying Eufora Creative Streak! You can experience one day or night of creative color fun and then erase the evidence in one shampoo! No need to worry about any permanent changes, Eufora Creative Streak doesn't stain hair or clothes. It is easy to apply and is sold with three different color options and an easy application comb. Stop in to the salon today to purchase your Eufora get-creative quick kit for only $49.50!


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to die for: nourishing hair building pak

Posted 5:09 PM by

I love using hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons and being in the sunshine. Unfortunately, all of my favorite things have the ability to damage hair. From scalp to ends, hair protection products are crucial to keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Of course, consistent cuts help as well; but for the time between your appointments certain steps can be taken to keep your hair from becoming dry, damaged and brittle. Some of you have heard me say before that I “torture” my hair. Between the daily drying, curling and the color processes with high-lift blondes, my hair quickly becomes dry and brittle. My favorite new discovery to combat these issues is the Nourishing family of products from the Davines Natural Tech line, and the Nourishing Hair Building Pak in particular.

The pak is a mask designed for dry and damaged hair. Used as a conditioning product, it nourishes and restructures your hair shaft from the inside – out, leaving your hair feeling soft, shiny and full-bodied. To get the maximum results from the product, I would recommend massaging it into your scalp and ends thoroughly on towel-dried hair (water dilutes the product), and then letting it set for about 15 minutes. I know it sounds like a long time, but it will be worth it in the end. If you would like, after you apply the pak, throw your hair up in a clip and finish washing up, shaving, whatever you have to do, then rinse it out and be amazed with the change! The pak is infused with essential oils to leave the scent of mandarin, petit grain and ylang ylang (my husband LOVES the smell). My hair feels healthier and looks ten times better than it did before I started using the line. I have noticed an obvious difference in the shine, manageability and softness of my hair, and apparently others have as well, because the compliments just keep coming! I would recommend the Nourishing Hair Building Pak to anyone. One lucky reader is going to receive a free Nourishing Hair Building Pak. The winner will be randomly chosen from all who answer this question from the July newsletter correctly:

In every issue of our monthly newsletter, there will be a Studio Reward for our loyal readers. In July, what is the featured Studio Reward?

The winner will be announced in the August newsletter!

Good luck!

~ Jaime Z.


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